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Case Study: Donaldson
Case Study: Donaldson

Paycor’s Core Solutions Helps Donaldson Save Time and Eliminate Errors.

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Donaldson Employees
Donaldson Solutions

“Paycor Onboarding empowers us to drive employee engagement and excitement while automating all of the paperwork.”

- Jeanette Stahli, Vice President of HR

Prior to Paycor

Donaldson struggled to get past tedious administrative tasks. Their payroll, time and benefits solutions were disconnected—leading to errors, duplicate entries and manual work that took time away from strategic initiatives. The onboarding process was completely manual. Employees spent hours filling out paperwork, preventing them from coming in and hitting the ground running. And with multiple offices, employees are often moved around to different locations. As a result, HR was forced to take the employee’s data out of the old system, plug it into a spreadsheet, then upload the data to the new location’s system before manually deleting the old profile—a logistical nightmare.


  • Manual onboarding & HR processes
  • Duplicate entry
  • Disconnected and outdated software

With Paycor

Having one hub for all employee data means admins never have to switch platforms, log-in to multiple systems, re-key information or open multiple spreadsheets to access data—which saves Donaldson time and eliminates errors. And with Paycor Onboarding, their HR admins can streamline the entire process by having employees sign documents, set up direct deposit and answer important questions before an employee’s first day.

Solutions & Key Features

  • Core solutions
  • Automated open enrollment
  • Automated open enrollment
  • User-friendly software

Paycor Onboarding saves Jeanette and her team 80 hours a year.

Donaldson partners with Paycor to streamline processes, manage employees and increase productivity.

Paycor Time

Time empowers Donaldson to create schedules, manage time-off requests and control labor expenses. And because employee hours flow directly from the time system to Paycor Payroll, managers can ensure employees are paid accurately and on time.

Paycor Onboarding

Onboarding allows new hires to complete tax forms and acknowledge handbooks and policy information before their first day, eliminating tedious work for administrators at Donaldson.

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Inside the Numbers: How Paycor Helped the Donaldson Group Streamline Repetitive HR Tasks

Onboarding 60 new hires onboarded annually 80 hours saved annually with Paycor Onboarding Payroll Prior to Paycor: 936 hours spent annually processing payroll by hand (18 hours/week) After Paycor: 524 hours saved annually $19,394 saved annually with Paycor Payroll Reporting Prior to Paycor: 1,040 hours spent annually creating reports (20 hours spent/week) After Paycor: 582 hours saved annually $21,549 saved annually with Paycor Reporting

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